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Houston February 11, 2023

Chiefs and Eagles fans have Houston homes for the Super Bowl

They’re both miles away from either of their teams.

“I’ve been down in Texas for 20 years,” said Eagles fan Craig Conner.

“It was literally, ‘Anybody want to get together and watch the game?’” said Chiefs fan Stacey Sannes.

But Houston Chiefs fans Stacey Sannes, Clint Frank and Jason Stock managed to bring the game to them. 

“I became a Chiefs fan in the late 90s When I was in the Kansas City area,” said Sannes.

Houston Eagles fans Craig Conners spoke via Zoom and founded their group with fellow fans Randall Moye and Kyle Lundy.

“I was born in Wilmington, Delaware. So I grew up at Eagles fan,” said Conner.

“Just the atmosphere seeing the touchdown by the chiefs and everyone just going wild. It’s hard to explain,” said Frank.

“We sing the fight song under every touchdown and we’re just so energetic,” said Conner.

The Houston Chiefs Kingdom calls the Midtown Little Woodrow’s location home – or “Little Arrowhead” – while the Houston Eagles Nest has landed at the Shepherd location. 

“Houston thinks about the Astros all the time. You know we think about Philadelphia football,” Conner said.

Sannes started her group around 2016.

“The Kingdom, as we call it, has grown,” Sannes said.

While Conner’s Nest is celebrating its 20th year. 

“We kept getting larger and larger,” Conner said.

And despite rooting for different teams they both started in similar ways with a small group of passionate fans who came together to create a community.

“We start off with the three of us,” said Conner.

“You just send emails to bars, call them, ‘Hey, can you give us a spot at your bar?’” said Sannes of the process.

Here in Houston, you could say both of their teams are always visitors. 

“We’ve got a core group of people who are so supportive for all of your life endeavors, not just during football season,” Sannes said.

“It’s something that’s very unique,” said Conner.

But these fans always have a place to call home.

“We’re like a family,” said Conner.  

“It means everything,” said Sannes.

Both fan groups also raise money for charity.

For more information on the Houston Eagles Nest, visit their website.

This year, the Houston Chiefs Kingdom is supporting the Derrick Thomas Foundation: Third and Long. Every season they chose a player charity to support. So far, they’ve donated to 15 and the Mahomies, 87 and Running, and Sack Nation Foundation.

Fundraising takes place via a halftime raffle and with the sale of Little Arrowhead merch.